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Weekend WORK

So I've spent the whole weekend trying to figure out how to promote my website and get some traffic. Wow who knew this would be so difficult!! So I'm getting the truck ready to hit my pool service route hard tomorrow, but this cold weather is really zapping me as well. I know that since the wind was crazy yesterday I hear there were gusts of 30mph... I'm gonna have alot of oak tassles in my open air pools and maybe even some branches and pool furniture in a few I know of. Nothing like getting a good arm workout when at work though!! Gonna hit my hardest pools first and get them out of the way before I move to the easier one's. Well I hope someone sees this blog soon gotta keep me motivated to write in it a few times a week.

The beginning

Well this is the begining of a grand new adventure. Please excuse if this isn't perfect considering it is completely new type of advertising to me and I am still in the design and building part of my webpage. But please give me a call with any pool questions or for a free evaluation of your pool and estimate on regular cleanings, service or any repair work you may need. 941-876-3130