About Us
Pure Pools of Southwest Florida, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Jimmy and Rachelle have both grown up in the area and have roots that go deep. Rachelle's father whom recently retired was among the pool elite and she grew up in the family business. Jimmy's family has always been in the water industry. His father has been superintendant of both water and wastewater plants as well as Assistant Utilities director in one of our local municipalities. Growing up Jimmy got to go to the plants and perform all the fun water tests with his Dad in the "lab". These fond memories always seem to come back everytime he has a test kit in his hand and he's analyzing a customer's pool. Jimmy later attended college at MCC and transfered to the University of Florida where he studied agriculture and turf grass science, with a strong chemistry background getting your pool in a stable, safe, and healthy state is a snap.
Rachelle is still happily working the office of our ever growing business.

Growing from a small pool cleaning company to fully staffed, fully functioning construction, service and repair company hasn't come with out it's challenges. Through it all we've kept our heads up high, learned from our mistakes and managed to make relationships to last a lifetime. Now being authorized Pebbletec, Stonescapes, and Crystalworx dealers as well as specializing in high end transformations such as the one on our banner, there is literally no renovation project we are scared of. The only limiting factor we have is your imagination. Let us know what it is you want to achieve and within what budget and we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Our Crew consists of highly trained and tested professionals in there areas of expertise.

James McCampbell:  President, specializing in conception, acquisitions and material sourcing

Rachelle Lambert:    Operations Manager, The pleasant voice you get to talk to every time you call the office
                               and handles anything and everything from A/R, customer service, policy and procedure      
                               as well as any other tasks we throw at her.

William Harrington: Construction Supervisor, With  over 22 years of construction and plaster experience under
                              his belt there isn't much "Billy" is scared of tackling or hasn't seen. With a can do attitude and
                              an energy level to rival a 20 year old you will be grateful for Billy's presence on your pool deck.

Ricky Dillingham: Brick, Tile Superintendent, Ricky's methodical approach and precision eye has served him and us well.
                           The knowledge of lasers, plum and level your brick and tile work will completely amaze you. With well
                           over 10 years experience and 5 years with us Ricky will stun you with his finished product and attention
                           to detail.

Holly Ward: Sales Manager, Holly has literally done pretty much every job within the company. Don't let her shy
                   disposition fool you she knows exactly what she's talking about. Her eye for detail and ability to help
                   you in the design and pricing part of your project is second to none. We don't believe in high pressure
                   sales and you'll feel like your talking to an old friend within minutes of meeting Holly.

Amber Holmes: Route manager, Assistant operations manager, Amber's no nonsense direct approach is a breathe of fresh
                       air. Her knowledge and continued thirst to learn more will shine through when meeting her. She guides 
                       and trains all our technicians as if there family, and is always available for both staff and customers.

Whitney Lewis: Controls and Systems Technician, Whitney started at the bottom here with us and within months we saw
                        her true potential. She has moved up gracefully and her knowledge now surpasses that of anyone within
                        the company in terms of electrical and systems. There's not much she can't figure out on your equipment.